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You won’t see any uncomfortable cages here!

Welcome to our Hotel for Cats …
Rooms are equipped with beds, litter boxes, various toys, bawls, feeders and waterers. Shelves, scratchers, and boughs are installed at various levels which enables such activities as jumping and climbing - in concert with the true nature of cats. 

Cats are taken care of by professional vet surgeons, so even cats after any surgical procedure (for example, post-sterilization or post-castration recovery procedures) or in the progress of non-contiguous disease treatment can be admitted to our hotel. 

For every cat, a health book must be presented upon arrival. The book shall contain the current record of vaccinations, flea elimination and de-worming procedures. If any vaccinations or other procedures are missing, such deficiencies must be eliminated just upon arrival.

The matter of feeding is discussed individually. We also offer transportation of a cat to/ from the hotel (advance arrangement by phone is necessary). 

Other small pets such as rabbits, rats, hamsters, mice or other rodents can be also provided with accommodation and care. 

We also Provide Accomodation for small dogs in a private area.